Thank you to every client who have taken the time to let me know how life has been since working with me and completing their two NMR sessions.

Around 8 years ago I experienced a life changing traumatic event that lead to me developing PTSD. Since the event I have been suffering with flashbacks and extreme and heightened anxiety when exposed to triggers. This has meant that at certain times of year or in certain conditions it was like I was back re living the event, it would bring back the intense, upsetting and scared feelings I had on that day. This was extremely heightened at key dates in the year that were linked to the event that I would then need a significant amount of time to recover from. It was like every time this happened any progress I had been making towards moving on with my life was gone and I was back to the start again. It would take over whole months of the year for me, waking in panic as if I was back reliving it again. I have been trying to address this for a number of years and addressed some of the more general anxiety and lack of confidence that came from this event. I had made huge progress with Hypnotherapy so I had large chunks of time were it was not consuming my thoughts everyday anymore, but I couldn’t shake these trigger events and the one key memory I was always taken back to. I had been researching various PTSD treatments and knew that talking therapy was not for me due to the fear of bringing everything up again every time I talked about. Having been treated by Jon previously with Hypnosis I was very keen to try the IEMT that he had recently qualified in due to the trust I have in Jon. However, even with this trust I had my doubts that anything was going to be able to address this memory and its impact for me. The whole session with Jon was amazing and so simple but profoundly impactful. When the session started and Jon asked me to think about the memory that affected me I was straight there, feeling everything I had felt shaking inside and feeling sick at the thought of it. Listening to Jon and following the procedure I couldn’t believe how almost immediately it had started to fade and become less clear, a second run through and I was unable to take myself there, it was as if my brain was unable to locate all the pieces anymore and it could no longer hurt me. I was so shocked and in the days following my session I tested myself day after day, even exposing myself to what were previous trigger point. It has been over a month since I had this it has not returned. Yes I can still remember what happened but I am no longer able to relive it in my head, this has changed so much for me and I will no longer dread key dates or dark nights approaching. It is mind blowing for me to think what has plagued me for years was addressed in one session. I am truly thankful to Jon for everything he has done for me and my life. For the first time in a long time I feel I may actually be able to move forward and truly put the past behind me.

Hello Jon I hope you are well.I wanted to feed back to you on my NMR therapy two weeks ago. Well Jon it has definitely worked. There is a huge shift and one that I never imagined I can only relate back to you that it is connected with paired association, the cause of most triggers and linked very much to complex PTSD. I have tried many times to visualise memories events etc that when linked to experiences in the present actually trigger me. The upshot is that I CANNOT …period. You have completely broken the sequence of events that create these triggers. I feel totally unaffected and all I visualise are happy memories and events that make me feel whole and complete as a person. Absolutely amazing, I will promote this therapy to anyone I come across that needs it A HUGE THANK YOU.

I went to Jon with a few things that I was struggling with. Loss of my Nanny and Grandad. The Trauma of my special needs sons first operation when he was 18 months old where we nearly lost him and the anger I felt towards my Dad who left my mum. My triggers were Christmas time when I would feel the pain of not having Nanny and Grandad. With my son it was when he was struggling or having a meltdown or when he had to go for another operation I would get flashbacks to that first operation and wonder if it was my fault. With my Dad it was anger that he left me but went on to have other children and admitting that as he was in Sweden and I was in the UK it was a case of out of sight/ out of mind. These triggers have plagued me for years so I was sceptical that this simple meeting with Jon would make it all go away. I was shocked at the result and how instantaneous it was, I walked in as someone with the weight of all this blame and guilt and pain and left the happiest I have been for years. I no longer cry when I think of Nanny and Grandad the pain has gone, I no longer see that image of them telling me Conor was in intensive care and I don’t, because I can’t. As for my dad well he just does not compute anymore!!! Thank you Jon this treatment it has dramatically changed my outlook on life I can’t thank you enough.

My first issue was something which had been hanging over me for some time, I knew it needed to be dealt with, but after many failed attempts I had no idea where to start. Unbelievably after just one session with Jon, I knew it would never be a problem for me again. I walked away that day with an immense feeling of ‘new hope’. The next session just reinforced everything.

More testimonials coming soon. In audio and video form. Please visit again, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. jadkin.bahyp@gmail.com or message me 07740347767